TR6 problem.


Having a problem with my TR6. Every sense I've I stalled it. Bought it used. When I'm driving the car and accelerate it will start to break up at about 3500 rpm and fall on it face. Take my foot off the gas and it's fine. It will do this 3 or 4 more times. The check engine light will come on. I'll pull over ture off the car. Restart it and the problem ust goes away. Runs great after that. Tried new plugs, checked all wires, looked at power logger but can't find anything. 2 step is not hooked up. The car 87 WE4.
160 LB Injector
Are the dip switches set up correctly ? Could it be the rev limit is set low ?
NGK UR4. I think they are set properly. I'll have to look but if it wasn't it should always happen not all of a sudden clear up and work fine? Plugs are a week old with 50 miles on them.