Trade 10.0/137 87 T for your clean 87 GN or T


delinquent taxpayer
Jun 2, 2006
Looking to maybe TRADE before going the sale route.
Want to see who may have an "extra" GN or T they can let go
Somebody surely may tempted by having a track ready 10 sec beauty for 2009. I'll trade you now or at Bowling Green.
Please no low ball offers - PLEASE don't waste my time.
Will entertain offers over $20k to put it in good hands.

This is the car for someone who want to hit the track, as I thought I would but just never seem to get the openings with my crazy work and family schedule. I had some fun with it in '07 but all too often my job kept me away from the track. The car went unregistered and needed emmisions testing last summer. Car maybe went out 10 times in 2008. Car was recently registered again and I'm dealing with the emissions.

My dad ordered this T in spring 87 and I drove him to pick it up when it came in to the dealer. He and I rode up to BG Buick Nats two years in late 80's. He ran a best of 12.8 with few common bolt ons and sticky tires up through early 90s at Gulfport Dragway in MS - maybe one of you met him back then. I tried getting it off him for years and then out of the blue he gave it to me in 2006!

I got the car mostly stock in 2006 and went a bit crazy. this car MAY have to go (not "has to") due to my job being eliminated earlier this week. I will say there's all the best parts and the "go fast" work was ALL done by Cottons Performance. The "be safe" work - roll cage is a work of art by Jamie @ Miller Race Cars in Wallingford, CT who specialize in Outlaw 10.5 cars. The "look good" interior work was done by top local upolsterer, Powder coating by Airborne Coatings.

Mileage is 76k
Color is Navy Blue Metallic
Car is in central CT

where do I start?!?!?

Miller Race Cars:
Full Chrome Moly Cage
fuel pump mount
seat mounts
door X braces
kirkey seats
Simpson Platinum Harnesses
window net kit
NHRA 8.50 certification
Custom Aluminum Center Console - one of a kind.
Painless Switch Panel in console

Note: all work and new parts installed Winter/Spring 07

Tubular control arms
QA1 Double Adjustable Coilovers
6" Welds

Frame notch
Rear crossmember for frame notch support
325-50-15s DRs on 10" Welds
Wolf sway bar
Wolf adjustable uppers/lowers
QA1 Adjustable shocks
Moser 28 pline axle kit
rear end girdle
rear firewall
spare tire delete

83# injectors
10 gal fuel cell
aeromotive eliminator fuelpump
aeromotive pro series fuel regulator
aeromotive pro filter
aeromotive pump speed controller
black anodized hose fittings
black hose

Turbo 400 with transbrake
9" N/L torque converter
T400 slip yoke assembly
pinion yoke 1350
T400 driveshaft
Poly Trans Mounts
Driveshaft loop
SS tranny lines
B&M pro stick shifter
B&M knob with button for line lock

Rebuilt Power Master
cottons line lock
Baer front brakes
SS brake lines

INNOVATIVE MSBC-1 Boost Controller
Turbonetics CPT70-P-BB Turbo
Turbonetics Wastegate
Cottons Down Pipe
Cottons Exhaust
Cottons Aluminum Cold Air
Cottons Front Mount IC
Aluminum Radiator
Aluminum Radiator Cover
Champion Intake
Champion GN1 Aluminum Heads
Cometic Head Gasket
Upgraded Valvetrain
Push rod set
1.55 T+D Roller Rocker Kit
212 Roller Cam Kit
Champion AC Delete Bracket
RJC Polished Pulleys - All
Poly Motor Mounts
Coil Pack
Ignition Module
Water Pump
Oil Pump
Fuel pressure gauge rail mount
Plug Wires 8mm
Aluminum Valve covers
AC/heat delete plate

Body Bushing Kit
Autometer Sport Comp Tach
Autometer Oil, H20, Boost gauges
Autometer LED shift light
Lots of various gaskets and hoses

Powdercoated the kirkey seats black to match covers
Powdercoated the center console
Powdercoated the door sill plates to match
Upolstered rear seat black to match front kirkey seat covers
Billet horn ring
Custom trimmed black vinyl covers over all roll bar padding
Custom carpet in entire trunk including side and rear panels
Custom interior carpet

I cannot say enough about the quality of work all around and the special touches taken by Brian and Jack Cotton. The Cottons crew really do things clean and tidy. They are speciall people and I look forward to continuing as a customer with my next turbo buick.

Sad thing is my dad is still in Louisiana and is not healthy - he has not seen the car since I drove away June 06 to bring it north.....


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after viewing that engine pick - it does not show the final wastegate/downpipe combo. The breathers are now differnt too.

I need a current pic - that one is from first time I brought it home. We made changes shortly thereafter.
A nice car for sure and a rare color. Is that a 109 block? (not listed) More than what I want but well done. Good Luck on your sale/trade etc. Gene
Nice looken car...;) You should post some more pics of the custom interior and rear.
Few more - thanks for looking


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Very nice!

Do you have any pictures after powdercoating was done? Pics of underside?

Have you ever weighed it?

Beautiful car. Prepare yourself for "sellers remorse" if it goes.

I'm not sure if I'm ready to experience that on this car. I've been down this road with other cars I've sunk too much $ into. Two cars the remorse was short lived, once it even worked out where I had no remorse because the car went for more than I wanted to someone who knew what had gone into it, understood the level of build and wanted it more than me. He sold it 4 months later.

I took it out last night and just wish it were more family friendly. If that was the case I'd dump my truck and put different tires on this and use it as my DD for next 6 months till I get back on my feet.
Very nice!

Do you have any pictures after powdercoating was done? Pics of underside?

Have you ever weighed it?


I'll take updated interior pics today. Only underside pic I have is with HR bar so I'll need to get under there. There is no rust under this car at all. The ONLY spot is on the inner lowere trunk lip where the seals in the middle over license plate area. one inch. If I remember I'll snap a pic. You have to lift the seals to see it.

Car was scaled and rear squared at Miller. Weight was 3178.
Beautiful car for sure! Kind of a happy/sad story about your dad though. This seems like a pretty special car. I don't think I would be able to sell if it were me. Best of luck on the sale!

It's been a week and no serious trades offered, so.....

maybe it should just be sold.

I'd let it go for $22,000 with ALL original parts that were removed.

I have complete history on this car from purchase to present.

Took more pics - will post asap
Thanks for adding the pic!

And thanks for the rush of PMs today with trade offers - you've given me much to chew on tonight.
Any interest?

Bump back into the action. Car has been out only a few times this year.... victim of the economy.....

Serious buyers only please
Save time and money by grabbing this and avoiding waits on your own.

$23,000 takes it