Trade a straight "test" pipe for a dump pipe?

Anybody have any interest in trading a straight stainless pipe for my stainless dump pipe? It came with my TA Performance downpipe, so I'm assuming they are the ones who made it. Nice piece, no dents, surface rust (it looks worse in the picture than what it actually is, bottom line no pitting) is there on the mild steel flange welded to the end of it and the mild steel 3 bolt flange on the dump.

I don't ever use it, and would prefer a straight pipe there, so if someone has one they want to do a straight trade on or wants to sell it, let me know.


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Forgot to mention that it's 3". I can media blast the surface rust off, I have access to a media blasting cabinet with glass.
Anybody? If you don't want to trade a SS straight pipe for this SS dump, I would be interested in selling it. If you have a SS straight/dump pipe, I would be interested in buying it.
I'll be second in line if its around 14" long. i have a ATR pipe 14". Mine has a bung welded in for a WBo2.