Trade new fiberglass bmpr/fillers for 2 rims


I bought back and front fiberglass bumper fillers from poston's a few months ago. They are brand new, never installed. I was wondering if anyone would like to trade two centerlines 15x8 with a 3.5 backspace rims. I would prefer prostars but would probably not pass on draglites or the original centerlines. Would prefer rims in good condition. If anyone is interested call me. 778-8222. Joe

Call me, got 2 Centerline Auto/Drag Series, satin finish, 15X8.5, 3.5" BS, been sitting for a while, no damage, let me know if you wanna take a look-see.

Paul, I actually wanted 15X8 Welds, if you know anyone selling, 3.5" BS, as I have 15X6 for the front-Rob
Hey thanks Rob. I'm going to keep you in mind but would like to hold out hoping I can get some prostars. By the way, your rims are 15x8.5, will the 1/2 in. make a difference if i'm going to run 275x50x15 bfg. DR? I've heard some guys rubbing their frame with those tires with a 15x8 so will the 1/2 in. pretty much guarantee me rubbing?:)
Got two drag stars


Just got 2-15X8 prostars, 3.5 BS, no lug nuts, with tires (235/60-15) One has a curb gouge, but not bad. Let me know I'll be at the meeting sunday at keehi lagoon park. 11 am to ? let me know and ill bring them unless you want to see them sooner. Hope you still have the number.


Let me know if you want the Centerlines. I'll bring those too. I might have to use the truck if this keeps up:D

I'll be busy most of the week again (lots of OT) but I'll be there sunday for sure. Gotta bring Don the rear springs I promised him last month. Everybody else, come if you can... hope to see you there

Hey Rob, thanks for your interests for my fillers but I just scored some GN wheels for free. Their starting to peel but you can't beat free!;)
Thats OK, I really don't need them either. I made the deal with the guy that had them because you said that's what you were looking for.

Anybody got 2 Weldwheels, 15X8, 3.5" BS and want to trade for 15X8 Pro stars? my car will look funny with the welds on the front and the stars on the rear.

Thanks Rob