trade rears? i have an 8.5" hartline performance in FL


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Dec 7, 2006
8.5" 10 bolt rear out of a hartline performance GN, was told the rear held into the high 8s, I have ran in the 10s with it no problems
33 spline mosers, 4.10 gear with spool, TA cover, welded axle tubes and anti-
rollbar mouts, 9" brakes

I need to get a rear that works with more of a daily driver, this car was intended for track use and is going back to daily duty. i cannot buy a locker with more than 30 splines for the 8.5" so I am just looking to go with another setup. I am not looking for a stock rear, but rather something similar (without a spool). I have cash (if needed) The car is in central florida, thank you!