Trailer Tie Downs 2nd RUN!!


Feb 2, 2002
Ok guys and gals I now have to make another run on the straps you see below. I have in the picture one of the 10K rated strap set ups with a long/wide handle ratchet and basically 8 feet of strap with a hook and the axle strap with the protection sleeve. The set consists of 4 of these.

The only color on this order will be Yellow ...sorry it makes the costs jump up too high when you change colors. These straps in JEGS are going for $38 each once you put the handling charge on them. I will be selling these on this order the same price as it was on the introductory price of $115 for a set of 4 of these which is $28 each no freight. All this is good BUT I need to have 20 sets sold and paid for so I can grab the last $1000 from my own pocket.

PLEASE DO NOT WAIT TILL THE LAST MINUTE!!!!! I need and will place the order by Feb 20th and it has to be paid UPFRONT at the time of ordering and I cant pay the whole thing!!!.

I can take PAYPAL using my email address or email me for snail mail payments!!!


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Thanks again. I want to reiterate that this IS about safety!! You pour your wallets open for your car and then risk it all on a set of worn out straps. I can only say that takes bigger ones than I have !!!!! I also plan to do a spread on the proper way to tie up a car so that there is no issues later. I have thousands of miles behind me now towing safely (except for the speed I travel I guess). I change my straps out every year to year 1/2 to be sure they are still solid.

These orders will filled & be in the mail by the 28th that you can take to the bank!!!
Looks like the delivery time has been moved up 1 week early now!! Get those orders in fast please thanks.
I have them in my truck right now!! Looks like I will fill all orders on tuesday (monday is a holiday)