trans ID help 200R4


BM81 7-15-80

is stamped on the tag of my 200R4

Supposedly out of an 86 Cutlass.

Any help with ID'ing this trans/application?

yea that is the numbers stamped on the tag. The "inked" stuff is too worn to see.

I also failed to look at the valvebody when I had the pan off :(

Just curious really. I am going to try it regardless.

I pulled the trans to put in all the performance stuff.

I took a look at the valvebody and found an OG14 code.

According to the *excellent* CK performance 200r4 rebuild book, this is a valvebody/trans from an Olds with a 307 V8.

So now I know what Ive got. Cant wait to mod it up and see how it goes! If I have any worry it is the part throttle / min throttle shifts, I think they may happen too quickly. we will see.