Trans line pressure readings..

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May 15, 2005
..... thought it was in one of my previous threads, but can't seem to find it now, for whatever reason :confused: Anyways, some one had posted a figure of 100PSI on the cooler outlet side from trans. My question to that is, WHEN? in Park, Drive, etc, idle position, WOT, anyone clear this up for me so that when we light off my beast Monday and we have a gauge hooked up, we know what it is we are looking at, and when. TIA again.
I think there is a plug on the side of the trans that you can hook up a pressure gauge and check all the pressures while you re driving or parked.
The plug is located on the ECM-connector side, near the bellhousing right over the linkage.
Nope not that one, we are plumbing into the cooler outlet port, I just need to know what the pressure is supposed to be at certain times, such as, idle in P , WOT, R etc.. Remember being told it is not to exceed 100 PSI on a 200r4 trans. Ain't starting car till we have the gauge hooked up and someone can tell us what we are supposed to be looking at. :mad: :confused: Nick, where you at !!??