translator and LT1 MAf wiring have code 34 when started, any ideas??


Breaking parts
May 28, 2001
ok guys i bought a translator off a local LS1 guy and noticed upon install that it has a different connector and that i need an adapter. well i decided to install it by splicing hte lines from the translator into the stock MAF connector. i look up on ramchargers and it says to make sure the pink wire in the translator lines up with the pink one in the stock MAF connecotr. ok no big deal. then it says to make sure hte green wire in the translator lines up to the yellow one in the stock MAF connector, ut oh i dont hvae a yellow in my stock connector!!! my stock conncetor looks like wire, gray wire and black wire. i spliced the pink into the pink as it was said. i spliced the green in to the black on stock connector and i spliced the black into the gray on the stock conector. when i started the car it threw a code 34 right away. do i have these wires right?? should i switch them around?? thanks for any help