translator gen 2 question


THS Racer
Sep 30, 2004
Can I use this as just a regular translator and put a Turbo Tweak chip in the car? Its a pump gas and alky car that I want to get squared away. It has a 3.5" maf sensor already.
Sure. Select stock chip in the gen configuration.

Keep in mind wot fuel adjustments will have to be done with the chip. Tracking will not work nor will timing adjustment in the gen2.

Yes, the Gen II will just function like a basic Translator. Although you still get some extra fuel tuning capability under 255gr/sec if necessary.
The 6.1's closed loop wideband function will still work as long as the wideband is connected to the Powerlogger.
Why not go with a bob bailey chip and be able to use the full range of that sensor? Not bashing eric's chips, because I have one also, but have been running bob's chip lately.

edit: just read that you have a gen II, I do not run one so I dont really know anything about them. With the basic or the plus translator the bailey chips are hard to beat.
Yes Jas, it will work just fine. My exact setup right now until I get an Extreme G burned with no rev limiter. I'm really happy with the TT chip though right now... very easy to work with.