Translator Plus Settings Question?

Yankee John

Sep 17, 2008
I bought a used Translator plus (no idea what version) from a board member and installed it along with an LT1 MAF today. As a side note, with the original MAF, My car had a slightly rough idle and an occasional miss while idling. Sorta like a car with a hot cam in it.

I set the Translator unit to the base settings for my combo; dip switches on, on, on, off, then the Base switch to number "3" for the 3" LT1 MAF, and then the WOT switch to "0" no change.

When I started it up, It idled like crap- barely ran at all. I tried the other settings for the 3" MAF , but no change. I then tried the 3.5" MAF settings, and I found that it idled great when set on #1- For the 3.5" sensor with 10% rich at idle.

Is it unusual for the car to run better on a Translator setting for different size MAF, or does it indicate that I may have other problems? It idles pretty nice now, although a bit low for my tastes (fluctuates between 575-625 RPM). I'm certain that I have vacumn leak(s).

Thanks in advance for any advice and comments!

Mine is set the same way, runs best set for 3.5 in MAF.Using a 3 inch.Cant tell you why.
check your performance at WOT

I tried same thing with 3.5" MAF settings & had good idle but had some stumble & KR at WOT. I reset the MAF base at #4 (3" MAF richer at idle) & was able to adjust the other T+ parameters for a good idle & good WOT performance - pump gas 93 octane only. I had to run the car for 10 - 15 minutes at least, to check performance after changing T+ settings. :smile: