Transmission buzz or whine while in gear?


1986 Grand National
May 28, 2001
After my Converter and Transbrake ,Shift kit, Pump upgrade. I now notice a whine/buzz when the car is in reverse or drive or any gear, accept Park & Neutral. The car did have some whine before. I don’t know if it now because I am listening to /for it. What could be causing this? Regulator in the pump? .

The converter had room to slide forward (same amount as the old one) when bolting it up.

Any Ideas? If everything is off is when you can here it. The tranny is slightly over filled (About ½”, I was going to correct this when I install the cooler). Does it cold & Hot. Seem to be working ok. I have had a chance to put my foot into it yet. I only put on maybe 5 miles since the upgrades.
fc227 said:
After my Converter and Transbrake ,Shift kit, Pump upgrade. I now notice a whine/buzz when the car is in reverse or drive or any gear, accept Park & Neutral.
What converter do you have?
It seems to be the same in any gear, except Natural and park. I have to get a gauge. What size is the pressure tap on the transmission? What should I expect for Pressure?
I had this exact same problem,drove me nuts.pulled the trans,had it inspected,checked out good.
had my 9"art carr checked,it was ok.
wounded up being a worn out main thrust bearing.the crank had mega end play.
i would check your crankshaft end play first.
Well, I know it is not that. There was no (I did not measure it) excessive play on the trust bearing.
I had that happen to me on the Olds 5 years back. But when the thrust bearing went, I had noise only in reverse.
Now unless it went sour after I put the tranny back up. I will double check.

Thank you for the input.
Well , I checked and I do have some end play (DARN !!!!!). I will geta gauge and check for the offical end play. It is not has bad as when the olds went where I had 1/4" end play. But I can see the balancer move.

What would casue this ? , The convert had plenty of room to slide back on to the pump.
I tried Pulling the TV cable it made no difference. I did find .015" end play on the crankshaft. I don't know if that is enough to cause the noise. Since the converter still has allot of room to side back.
Rear end ?

I had the same problem and found out it was in my rearend, the noise sounded like it was from the tranny, just because the noise traveled up the driveshaft. I would check the bearings in the rear.
Yea, But it is doing it with the car not moving. But When I brought her down to work today to check the endplay. I stepped on it a little:), and it had the top of the gear noise it always had.

Its just I never real noticed this whine/buzz at idle in gear before. I’m going to check the line pressure tomorrow. But I wonder if it is anything to do with the Trans-Brake or shift kit. It also I a rebuilt pump and A used converter So…

Right Now. I will start to proceed with the rebuilding of the “109” block that came with the car. (So when the end play end up being really bad, I’ll have a spare bullet) Because I don’t know how long the endplay has been this way. I never really measured it before, except @ the time it was rebuilt and then I believe it was .007, but that was 6 years ago .
Well here are the line pressures

Park /neutral @ 800 RPM = Min TV (100 PSI)- Max TV (160 PSI)
Rev @ 800 RPM = Min TV (145 PSI) – Max PSI (220 to 280 settled down to 260 PSI).
OD @ 800 RPM = Min TV (100 PSI) - Max TV (180)
DR (same has OD)
2nd @ 800 RPM = Min TV (170 PSI) – Max TV (170 PSI)
1st @ 800 RPM = Min TV (170 PSI) – Max TV 180 PSI)

I also found the TV bracket leaking fluid when not on a level. I should have replaced that grommet when it was out. Oh, well that is next weekend.
Doesn't matter if the car is standing still or moving. The buzz /whine is there.
Ever figure it out yet?Mine is doing the same thing.Whines in gear but not park or neutral.I havent dug into it yet.
Not Really. The only thing I can think of is maybe that I have too much clearance between the torque converter & the flywheel. (I remember pull it forwards about 1/4" to have it bolt to the flywheel. I did not measure it).

I checked Line pressure, looks OK. Just could be I having a noisey pump. I do remember some noise before the TC swap. But I never really paid attention.
I had a similar problem when I replaced the TH250C in my '84 Cutlass with a 200-4R from an LG4 Monte. The 200-4R had a nasty annoying buzzing sound when in gear and stopped (foot on the brake). It was typically fluid level related; if it was a pint low it buzzed in all gears, if it was spot on it would only buzz in manual 1st and 2nd (and I think reverse), and if it was 1/2 to 1 pint over it never buzzed.

I always wondered if it was related to the valve that boosts pressure in 1st and reverse.