Transmission pan gasket


What's the best transmission pan gasket to use? I have a shallow aluminum sheet metal pan and the bolts keep working themselves loose. I seem to have a pretty good leak. There is fluid on the front of the pan and dust cover. It looks like the fluid is coming out of the dust cover hole.
I've got the deep tranny pan and it leaks at that location also. The pan is not rigid enough to keep from flexing when the bolts are properly torqued. The last time I had the transmission out I installed a cork gasket with Permatex high-tack adhesive spray onto both sides of the gasket, this has resolved my leaking issue.
FWIW, I have found that FelPro makes a good pan gasket (TOS 18662). The package says it is made from "Fel-CoPrene". To me, it is very similar to a black rubber type material. They range in price depending on where you get them, but I found that buying them from AutoZone's online website is the best deal.
Thanks for the help. We found the problem to be the torque convertor. If the car sat and cooled down, it would't leak. I took it to the tranny shop and we pulled it on the hoist right away. In the 30min drive the underside of the car was covered in oil again. We cleaned everything up, removed the dust cover, dumped the oil out that was in the dust cover and ran it on the hoist while it was still warm. You could see the oil was coming from the torque convertor. Sucks that we are almost to mid july and the only miles I have put on my car are back and forth to the shop.
When you mentioned fluid coming out of the dust cover, I wondered if it wasn't either the t/c seal or the pump seal. Glad you got it figured out. I hear you about the driving season melting away quickly with less miles traveled than anticipated :(