Transmission Temps Are 150, Parts Inside To Help


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Dec 15, 2002
150 to 160 temps are now the norm.
Pusher Fan runs all the time.

Temps were 180-190 with a similar sized cooler and the fan on the liquid ic pulling on it through both cores.

I believe the 2nd fan (pusher) being on all the time helped the most.
PTC 9.5" 17 blade spragless was pretty rough on the temps but this update helped a lot. Even on hot days high 150s to low 160 until you hit it hard, then it gradually comes back down.

I don't run the cooler lines through the radiator.
I don't have an FMIC, trans cooler gets first shot at in coming air (both temps).

XHP Transmission Cooler (Hayden) $80
30,000 GVW
11" x 11-5/8" x 3/4"

Derale $80
Straight Blade Electric Fan
8" Diameter
350 CFM

If I had only 1 fan, I'd run a bigger fan size and make it a puller 1st.
Glad you have your temps under control👍
For those that wish to attempt
What kind of pan and what's your fluid capacity?
How long have you had this setup and what kind of conditions street and or track are you in?
Trans fluid isn't anything special, I change it so often it's not worth the $.

Extra quart capacity for sure, maybe 2, I got the old aluminum finned trans pan, oddly I don't have who made it written down so I'll take pic soon. It's probably from 2004 era and either Poston or BGC (Bowling Green customs). But the original high temps were his Summer, same everything, even outside temps.

No track visit temps to share, on the street though it's way way down.

Chicago weather, same combo (no radiator tank help) but older trans cooler and no pusher fan were the high temps, just a simple swap to the new cooler and pusher fan, always on, really clamped down.

Cruising the town, gunning it at the light for a few seconds etc, normally 150s and it'll climb to say 165 but slowly over a few minutes it's back to 150s.

Temp sensor is in the return line and it's an Autometer Cobalt gauge.
Glad that your happy with the set up you have. I'd be curious to see what your temps are in the pan or the trans outlet to the cooler would be? I think it would show a hotter reading but that would be more accurate to determine trans fluid degradation.

I just installed my temp sensor in the pan with a derale cooler n fan under the front plate between the air dams, has a 185 thermo sensor. Before cooler installation in 100 degree weather under light cruising no wot, running an art carr old NL 3200, temps would climb to 225 quickly after a few miles. After cooler installed it doesn't get above 185. Have an deep pan with 1 or 2 quart extra as well. Have havent run wot yet either. I just wanted to share my thoughts n experience.

What converter are you running?