Garage Cleanout Sale - Need to Move Parts for Space (Prices Lowered)


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Nov 29, 2007
Looking to move some parts from my garage. I will be listing more parts as I come across them. Most parts were purchased from members on the board, but at some point I decided to change direction.

Please feel free to shoot me an offer as everything is O.B.O. I just need to move this stuff soon.


Sold Manual Window Regulators - driver and passenger set of manual window regulators. Some guys install to save weight or replace slow power windows. $65 shipped


SOLD - Dash Bezel - modified with Fan control plug-n-play switch and Alky control switches. Not mint, but good condition. $75 shipped



Stock Intercoolers (2) - Both in good condition, but may need a good internal cleaning. Both have stickers on top. Good for neck modifications $35 plus shipping



Transmission/Oil cooler - tube and fine style cooler. Bought from this board and stated no failure went through it. Great for transmission cooler, but I was going to use for power steering fluid cooler. $20 shipped


K&N Air Filters - two K&N cone style air filter with 3" inlet. One is used in good condition and one is new. Went with a dry type filter instead. New $30/used $25 shipped


Gabriel Gas Ryder Rear shocks - Two new Gabriel w/VST Rear shocks. One in sealed box the other removed for pics. Purchased these for my car, but just purchased coilovers. $50 shipped


Federal Mogul/Sealed Power #H521AP pistons - set of 6 brand new Standard Hyperuetetic pistons. These were purchased new, but decided to go with stock style replacements. $80 shipped



Stock Pistons (5) - 5 oem pistons from my engine. Was going to reuse them, but one slipped out of my hand and hit the deck. It chipped it so now the 6th one is a pencil holder in my desk. Good replacements if you are only replacing a few pistons. $20 shipped


Sold Stock Pistons and Rods - full set of OEM Pistons on rods. Obviously have some surface rust. May be able to recondition or use for trophy. $15 shipped


Stock Fuel Injectors - 6 fuel oem injectors purchased from a member on the board. Stated they were low mileage. Went with 60's so I don't need these. $25 shipped


Sold Sold Stock Rocker Arms and shafts - Pair of stock rocker Arms and shafts with good buttons. Decided to go with roller rockers. $30 shipped


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I will take the manual regs please. Ready to purchase.
Prices lowered. Feel free to make an offer as I need to move this stuff and dont want to just throw it away.