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I’m now only one person away from a new heart. Hope it’s a good one. For 600k out of pocket, and get this that’s a super duper cut rate. God only knows if I didn’t have family In
all the right places, you know Dr’s ,
money and so on. Good god don’t know how to feel about all this. Most of you hell everyone would be shit out of luck. I could buy maybe two GNX’s maybe Joey’s Buick. However don’t know if I’ll ever be able to drive again. People listen up, please be thankful for what your able to do. Wish all my Buick friends gods speed

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Hi Ray, saw that you posted on someone's thread a week or so ago. gave myself a chuckle and said, "how about that." good to see your user name active on a thread.

you can get the call at any time so I'm sure you have your go bag at the ready. go after this with the tenacity and perseverance illustrated by the pup in your original, uploaded avatar. don't question it. just continue to give it your best as you've gotten this far...positive thoughts always my friend.


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Yup, its a shame how the health industry screws people over with insurance or money to pay for all the illegals and welfare recipients. Just concentrate on getting well and let the rest fall where it may. Thank the good Lord for your fortunes of a donor my friend. If you end up with a massive at the end I believe if you send them a token payment every month there's not much they can do and if they do come after you just plead bankruptcy and they'll get nothing. Anyway, we'll all be praying for you and the family in a difficult time and prayer is a powerful powerful tool.

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Ray....every night, since you first posted quite a while ago, that you have heart failure, sold your GN, etc. I've been saying a prayer for you to the Lord....every night, and I've not forgotten one, with this all important heart transplant coming to you, I will REALLY talk to, and ask the Lord, to please give you the best care possible, and let you live a very long life....there' s no reason why you can't.....know that God IS watching, and he answers prayers quite a bit, especially those who talk to Him every night...which I have been doing especially for you, my's all I can do, is pray for your life and continuing it....I will not miss one night, I promise, of prayers just for you, Ray........know that, ALL of us here on the board care deeply about you, very concerned, and are ALL on your side fighting for you every step of the way.....(I'm getting a little teary eyed here) You are our "special" buddy.

But, don't ever give up...fight every step of the way, and know that the Lord DOES care about you deeply......from all of us here, including ol' Brucie here, want you to continue on with your precious life....Godspeed to you, Ray, and I hope the rest of us will say very strong prayers to the Lord for you tonight as well as every night. I'm so glad you posted....been very, very concerned about you. You'll make it, my friend.... I know you will!:)

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Someone I know had a heart transplant and just celebrated his 25th anniversary of the procedure. We'll be rooting for you!