Trim removal


I'm not a delicate man by all means, so what's the way to do this? I already tweaked up my trunk trim cause it wouldn't just "slide off." I still need to know how the drip rail next to the windshield comes off and how the actual windshield and back window trim come off. I have the T hooked tool to do this, just don't know how.
The tool I have is best described as "trim-pliers" they are thin pliers that squeeze the plastic retainers to release the trim pieces. I can take a picture if it helps.

Anyway, I slid the pliers under the trim pieces and went around the perimeter squeezing the retainers until the trim popped off. No damage.

The side rail trim is unbolted at the a-pillar, and there was some foam tape between the trim and body holding it in place. I used a bigger plastic body filler squeege to brake the tape and it worked nice. The other piece at the roof drip rail slides off once the a-pillar piece is loose. If you gently push down on it it should pop off without damage.

I hope that helps some.
The tool I have sounds different than what you have. Do I have the wrong one or is it just a different style? I really don't understand how this oversized seal puller lookin thing is supposed to get behind the trim and pull it off.
The one I have I can send you provided I get it back sometime.

The trim pieces are very easy to bend (and expensive to replace) so I wouldn't try it without the right tool.
can you put up a pic of it? I'll see if I can purchase it somewhere first. I wondering what trim my tool is for??? My car was an outside car obviously so I'm sure alot of the trim is gonna be "dirted on" like the trunk was:mad: Ohwell, just a piece of trunk trim, not like it was a 200 dollar grille.
Here you go...

Well I found out last night I do have an acceptable tool for the job. I talked to a guy whose dad owned a glass shop. He said there's always different styles of these tools. I'll try it on the piece that is already dinged up. Thanks for the help.