Troll filter, Please!


Is their any way the site could have a troll filter to keep unwanted trolls away. You know, just like Hotmail has a "junk Mail" filter to keep unwanted mail from getting into your acount. I've lost a few buddies because of ignorant little 12 year olds and others who come here to cause problems. Their are still some trolls on the site right now!( 87octane and his 01 celica GTS that run 12.87 stock, come on man). These guys allways cause problems and sometimes get people thrown out!
LOL so true...

we definitely need some sort of troll filter/blocker

rofl! no more trolls on this board:cool:
If anyone figures out how to make this happen, they will be a billionaire overnight.

Let's give an example...

What if some person registers as the user name "1987GNOwner" (or ANYTHING). How do we know he is not a troll? We don't. There is no way to tell what a person is going to post before they post it, nor is there any way to know if a person is a troll until they post. Trolls do not e-mail us saying "Okay, I just registered under the user name "SuperDuperTroll" and I am going to be a retard on your message board now. Get ready"

If you see a troll, use the "Report this post to a moderator" link that is in EVERY POST. Don't wait until people get fed up and leave. It only takes a second. DO NOT wait until people leave or the thread turns into a big flame war.

We don't like trolls any more than anyone else. It is up to the members to point them out in case we don't see them or know they are giving the site a hard time.

Another thing if you see a troll... There is a saying that goes "Do not feed the trolls, it only makes them bigger". This means that a troll is only looking for someone to reply to their post, and when someone gives ANY reply of ANY kind, they are getting exactly what they want and keep doing their thing. What would happen is NOBODY replied to any trolls? They would get bored and go away. Unfortunately, some people think it is smart to try to argue with an idiot, and they start replying. This makes the person who replies to a troll, just as as bad as a troll.