Trouble Code and Onstar


Jul 20, 2004
Hey guys I normally post about my GN but today I have some questions regarding my 01 GS. I post it on and no one ever responds, so im hoping someone can help here. I have an 01 GS and code P1404 popped up which of course states:"EGR valve stuck open or circuit performance"Now besides the obvious being the EGR valve is there anything else, any sensors that could pop his code or is it simply straight forward EGR valve.

Then lastly the 01 GS has Onstar and being its analog its useless. As in the pics the Onstar control box is in the trunk on the driver side. If I unplug the harness and pull the Onstar control box out will it affect anything else, or would it be safe to remove it. I essentially want to form a sub box to each side whih ia why i want to remove it. I appreciate any assistance and all responses. Thank you all again!


havent had any egr issues so not much help there other than if you need one I am sure I have a couple of them kicking around in my parts bins or on a parts car.

as for the onstar I removed the box in the trunk from my 2002 gs years ago without issue