trouble shooting no WOT lockup


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Jun 16, 2001
Well i sent my converter off to be looked at because it wouldn't lock up at WOT. Well it seems fine so what else should i be looking at? I have a billet input shaft with the front checkball removed. Is there a way to make sure there isn't some kinda blockage or foreign debris inside the input shaft like an air check etc..? It locked fine at normal driving. Thanks for the help guys
sorry i should have specified, im locking it via a switch, the switch locks when i hit it and i also have the regular lock up via the chip at 45 mph while cruising.
blow airthru it and verify that the oil from the 1/2 shift valve that supplies oil to the lock up solenoid in the pump is not obstructed.check input shaft o ring,pump(done that)and o ring on lock up solenoid to verify integrity