Trunk lid decal

Just pulled off a trunk lid cover to see if the car information decal was on and by my's been removed. I called the original owner and he isn;t sure why he too it off or where it might be. I will check the door panel to see if the build sheet is in there. Does any one know if I can have another decal re produced? This is a pic of one that I took of a car, this is the decal I'm missing.

Thanks in advance!!



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could have been as innocent as a replaced trunk for rust or damage or if your car is a GN it could be your car isn't what you think it is
I know the owner, known him since 1995. He has had the car since new, bought it with 10 miles. All documentations. What he did was put a cover on the trunk lid and for what ever reason removed the RPO label. I called him to see if he still has it and maybe removed it since he put the cover on, he cant remember. I can see where it was since he never cleaned the glue from the area. Car has 43,000 miles. Car has been sitting for about 6-7 years with no work being done. I did get it to start, trying to put it back to original condition.