Trunk Lip Molding and Trunk Lock Cylinder Removal

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I'm having some paint work done on my 87 GN trunk lid, and I'd like to remove as many things as I can so the body shop doesn't "misplace" them.

The emblems and spoiler are easy. How do you remove the trunk lip molding without damaging it? I tried by removing the three screws then prying, but it won't budge, so I figured I'd ask the experts here.

What about the trunk lock cylinder?

Thanks for the help!
I would love to know where you can get replacement molding. I screwed mine up trying to remove it for paint.
lock cylinder

On the lock cylinder, open the trunk lid and look on the under side. You'll see a rivet holding a rectangular piece of metal to the lid. The rivet needs to be drilled out so the metal piece can be pulled downward. It goes up against the inside and engages a couple of grooves in the lock cylinder and holds it in place. The cylinder then pulls straight out. Word of caution, don't drill in too deep while drilling out the rivet. You'll damage the cylinder. Don't ask me how I know. :rolleyes: You can then use a screw & fold over clip like in the attached pic to hold it in place when finished. While you're at it, you could replace the gasket. GM p/n 20030348.

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Thanks for the tips about the lock cylinder removal. I'll try those ideas pretty soon.

Does anyone have ideas on removing the trunk lip molding?

Molding discontinued. BTW, there is a "clip" on each end of the molding, with a small, philips head screw to remove associated with each "clip".