Trying to ban aftermarket And defeat devices? Any one read this Or am I late?

Over the yrs they've tried several attacks.
One I was familiar with, the "O2 sensor spoof", was shot down, when the originator of the tests was issued a cease-and-desist order.
Some folks got hit with big fines.
There are others, such as the "cat converter test pipe". etc.
The diesel guys have been hit big time, too.
Try a search. Lots of :poop: from those assholes.
Haha thanks Chuck just wanted to be sure.. we have to be cautious & aware of events that are surrounding us.
That would be bad if it took over the automotive world.
Made a post a few months ago, about now being able to buy lot of after market parts on ebay due to the E.P.A. , something Biden signed into law beginning of the year