TT/A T-top Sunshades on Ebay


Pontiac Soul
May 25, 2001
Here is a rare find. Discontinued from G.M. Brand new condition in the original box.
. Click here: eBay Motors item 593771459 (Ends Aug-04-01 07:45:27 PDT ) - T-TOP SUNSHADES - TURBO TRANS AM - GTA
That is just rediculous. I am about to take my TTA apart sell all the parts and drop the Turbo 6 and put it into another F-body. I swear I would make more money that way and still go as fast. I would do it if I hadn't wanted a TTA since 89.
Hey Kyle, that's kind of funny that you would say that...Because I had actually thought about parting my 15,000 mile car out instead of selling it strait out. I wonder how much MORE I could have gotten if I did it that way ? I could see it now.... Turbo Trans Am fender in mint condition on Ebay....Wonder what it would bring ?????
Complete Turbo Trans Am interior in mint condition... Hummmmmm
Just a thought............... these cars get older the parts dont get cheaper....shades for $200???? well obviouslly 2 people wanted them....this IS basically whatever the market will bear :D an they thought they were worth $200... I do have a new set from my original TTA sittin in a box.... matter of fact I could build a TTA with the extra parts I have.... geez I hope ya dont see my add for parts for sale... prob put ya in cardiac arrest.... I could piece out a new TTA for LOTS of $$$$ no problem... now how about a set of valve covers for $500????? back in 1980...:D wait till these cars get older an parts are harder to come by!!!! then you'll see really crazy prices :D