TTA stuff.


May 28, 2001
I'm selling my car and have some extra's that need a home.

ATR 3'' ss exhaust system 400.00 sold
CAS front mount 800.00(with 3'' coated pipes and clamps)sold
TTA headers 600.00 sold
tta crossover with HKS W/G 300.00 w/g only 200.00
owners kit 400.00
stock I/C 250.00
NEW black leather steering wheel 395.00
New hot wire kit 49.00
front sway bar 80.00
New indy wings 200.00 sold
NEW GM door stickers 75.00
complete AC setup and heater box 750.00
ported and polished big valve heads went 10.70 875.00
used heads 150.00
complete rear with bad posi 100.00
NEW GM sun shades 125.00 sold
Also have new door and T-top weather stripping,prop valve,master cyc all parts are new GM E-mail for prices.

New tan Q-logic kick panel speaker covers 125.00
I have a nice collection of chrome TTA parts.
valve covers,all alt brackets,throttle cable bracket,oil cooler lines,
heater hose rails,up pipe,dip stick tube,all parts apear to be new and have show chrome.I would like to sell as a complete kit 500.00

I will split it up if it does not sell.E-mail me your offers on any parts
I also have mint leather back seats from Joe Copsons 8 sec car

NEW max effort 16 pos for MSD 50's 375.00
Is the Bird emblem the one that is in between the taillights.
If so I am intrested.
Joe miller
stock heads?

Hey, BEATBY6, are the used heads for $150 stock? I know somebody who will need them for his TTA. Please let me know ASAP.
The bird went for 175.00
The Indy wings were 200.00 a pair.
The heads are stock ones.

I also have new unsed 3.8 STAGE I block if anyone needs...
save the stock heads

BEATBY6, a guy from New York named Joe P. is going to be contacting you about the heads. It's a long story on why I'm posting for him, but be looking for him to buy the stock heads off you.

Thanks for replying.