Tucson Arizona Track Rental

So an update!

I have secured the track for a private track rental on Sunday Nov 18th 2018. I need an accurate head count by Nov 1st. We can call this a Buick vs Chevy vs Ford event as we will be doing this in conjunction with our normal private event that I put on. We typically have 20-25 cars at my events so even if we had 15-25 Turbo Buicks show up on top of the normal car count you can still run as many back to back passes as you want!

Please contact me directly to confirm, no one else, I'm putting on the event so you must contact me!
Thanks for the PM;s guys! I will be looking forward to the Buick's representing very well out here!!
I'll kick in to help sponsor something. I'm in with most of the major TB vendors. I can put the word out.

When was the last time we had a good 1/4 mile track day? I've looked at renting Fontana. Unless you have a hundred cars, forking out a hundred bucks each, you'll loose your ass. We need to do something.
I remember Fonttana when I put the car on the rear bumper at launch.
I remember Fonttana when I put the car on the rear bumper at launch.

I think that was the last 1/4 mile private track rental we've had here in So Cal. That was a great time. I still have pics and videos. :)
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hopefully I can make this. Snapped the forward drum last week. Looking to have her fixed by the end of next week and head to Tucson early October.
Anyone going to make it to this event this weekend? I need a PM and payment ASAP if so. At this point no one from this board has paid and given a final confirmation