tuesday funny


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Aug 2, 2010
A guy and his dog are hitch-hiking.

A car stops and the driver says: "You can have a ride but the dog isn't coming."

Guy says. "That's OK he is pretty fast and will run along side the car."

Driver: "yeah, right." So there rolling about 45mph. "Where's your dog?" ask the driver.

Guy looks out the passenger window. "He's there." says the guy.

Driver speeds up to 65mph. "What about now?"

Guy looks out the passenger window. "Yep, still there.

Driver speeds up to 100mph! "What about now?"

"yep still there!"

Driver says I got to see this so he slams on the brakes, jumps out and runs around to the passenger side of the car. Looks down and says. "Damn!, that's a fast dog but what is that pink ring around his neck?

Guy: "Oh, that's his butthole. He's not used to stopping that fast!"