Tuner for FAST in SF Bay Area?


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I think I know the FAST software pretty well, but I'm at a point where I would like to work with someone who really knows how to tune, preferrably with the FAST system. I tried one session with Terry @ The Mustang Ranch in Santa Clara, and I'm curious if anyone knows of any other tuners in the greater SF Bay Area?



Note to JW: I emailed the person you suggested, and he hasn't responded, so I guess he wasn't interested...
SEFi8LOxCivic: I sent you a private message, but haven't heard from you. If you are interested in doing some tuning, drop me a line at mosk@well.com , and we can discuss some specifics. Thanks,


Any more info on Dan? Is he a FAST dealer/installer? The 916 area code is a couple of hours away from me, but if he's an authorized FAST dealer, he must be the closest one to the SF Bay Area.

Thanks for the suggestion!


Never mind -- I was able to dig up a some info on him via Google, and his reputation is pretty big in certain circles. Sounds like his shop has more than enough expertise to help me tune my little ol' motor.

Nice folks -- I have an appointment with his shop set up for Monday the 10th. Should (hopefully) leave with a very streetable motor that's making about as much power on 92 octane street gas as my configuration will allow.

Thanks again for the tip,


I'd be interested in any info you have after your session.
I'm about 20 min. away from his shop and had already spoke to him about tuning my truck.
I think he said something like $80/hr, cash, no receipt. ;)

Anyway, without having prior experience with someone, I'm a little leary of leaving my baby in anyones elses hands.

Keep us updated.

For whatever my opinion is worth, Dan has my blessing. I'd leave my car with him without hesitation. Of course I'm in Michigan and he's in CA, but hey, it's the thought that counts... :D

Dan Fodge is amazing

Well, in the space of maybe an hour, Dan took my engine from running so-so to running about as well as it's going to run :D We did all of the tuning on the road, so I don't have any dyno results, but I am one very happy camper! Thanks, Craig, for the recommendation. For anyone else in Northern California looking for a knowledgeable and professional tuner, Dan gets my vote. His services aren't cheap, but he's damn good at what he does. He tuned the engine in stages that made sense, and at no time did I feel he was putting the engine under any undue stress: we moved quickly but carefully, and by the time we reached the WOT parts of the maps, he had a good handle on both fuel and timing. (My biggest fear was that I was going to pop a HG or worse, and his approach really mitigated these fears.)

So finally, I can start driving my truck instead of endlessly wrenching on it :D :D :D What a nice feeling...