Tuning based on alky pressure


high on gas fumes
I'm thinking about starting to log alky pump pressure. Besides knowing what psi the pump is putting out, is there any way to use this info for tuning?
More data is always better. You can also keep track of pump response time and pressure. As far as tuning, it depends on how you have the car set up. What ECU are you running?
Hmmm, never thought about seeing the curve or rise in pump pressure. Currently running the stock ECU with TT chip, but looking into getting the ECUGN at some point.
I my ecuGN I use the alky pressure to switch the tune from 93 to the alky tune. No alky and the tune & boost stay at their 93 octane settings.

When the alky is on, I switch the boost, target afr, VE, and spark tables .