Tuning help


Im new to tuning and was hoping you guys would help me out. What all do i need to get a good tune besides a Fast xfi or knowledge in tuning. I currently have a scanmaster 2.1, TT chip, alky soon to be dual nozzle and 60lb injectors. I do want to race the car. That will most likely be its main purpose.
i really just need to know what tools or parts i need. such as a egt gauge which i dont have. it would be greatly appreciated.
ported heads with large valves
ported upper intake
70mm throttle body
kenne bell plenum
alky dual nozzle
TH down pipe 3" internal gate
rjc front mount
206/206 hydo roller
soon to be th400 trans and 3200 stall 9.5 converter
60/65lb injectors
walbro 340 intank and hotwire kit
3" dual exhaust
scanmaster 2.1 and TT chip
I would go with the PowerLogger and add a wideband O2. Those two will start you off in the right direction. The EGT gauge will be helpful too, but not really necessary.

Tune for as much boost and timing, that YOU feel COMFORTABLE running, with 0 knock. If you push the boost without a very good bottom end you will eventually drive over your crank.

Good luck with that thang........it should fly!!!! Have you ran it yet?
Actually no. Ive had the damn thing for 3 years and its never been to the track. Every time i think i have it ready something else breaks. I really want a pt67 so i can get into the tens. I know the pt61 is suppose to be able to hit high 10s but most likely low 11.0s. We will see. thanks for the reply though

I too am just getting going racing my GN. I put in the powerlogger and a PLX sm-afr wideband and it really makes a difference. Being able to see what is going on with the motor/tune when you blast down the track and don't have a lot of time to look at guages was well worth the money spent.:biggrin:

Another thing that you will hear folks talk about, take your time with the tune. Get it right without the alky first, keeping the boost down and making sure you are not getting any error codes or knock. Then SLOOOWWWLLYYY start to adjust. If you have not done so, read Razors sticky in the Alky section on this board about getting things dailed in then add the alky.

Where's the drag strip in Albuquergue ? My mother-in law lives in Los Lunas so I get down there a few times a year. Might give me something to do since I'm the only motor head in my family.

Good luck with the tune.