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This is a really basic question...I bought my 87 GN last year and have done a lot of mods to it since then. I put a 6266 dbb precision turbo on it, alky control kit, 60 lb injectors, 6.1 TT alocohol chip, powerlogger, walbro 340 with hotwire, AEM wideband and am trying to figure out how to correctly tune the car. I realize I can change the bottom 8 units with the powerlogger and I have read and reread the instructions but don't know what to change based on the data I have logged...Is the object of the tune to keep the blm's at 128? Anybody that can point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.
I would suggest you post your long and let people comment on your readings.....also look up other such posts and see what comments where made on theirs.
ok here is my last log...Just a little street driving. Any ideas on where I need adjustment?


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Because no one else has commented (yet)
I reviewed your log and all looks good to me.....try another log with some boost and let see what comes up.
Have you had knock retard issues....
What boost are you running ......
The set up you have and the chip is really good ....with that chip no changes may be needed.
Thanks X-ray...I'm running 15 lbs now but wanted to make sure everything is ok before I bump up the boost. I haven't had any knock yet so I can start raising the boost now...I'm hoping for around 28psi when I'm done
So what is ur blm locking on to at wot?
Does it keep ur set af within range?

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