Turbo Advice Needed


May 24, 2001
I need some advice regarding my turbo. I had am having a manifold gasket replaced and in the process my mechanic noticed my turbo has a bit of shaft play. It probably has some miles left on it but I am thinking about getting it rebuilt since it is off the car. I know about the TA33 upgrade but my car is pretty much stock and I don't want to have to upgrade the injectors to use the TA33. So my question is who would be the best for a stock rebuild or where could I buy a new one? I also need a new adjustable wastegate actuator as well. Thanks in advance for everyones help.:cool:
How much shaft play are we talking? A slight amount is normal. As long as it spins freely and the impellers don't contact the housing, I wouldn't worry about it. Just check it periodically to make sure it's not getting worse.
Just send yours out to get made into a TA33, some have them on self but Blaastperformance.com does good work.

as for new wastegate, you could by a 86/87 i heard they work better.