Turbo Buick Regal "Spotters/Spotted" Thread - What Have You Seen "In the Wild"?


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I have seen this on other car boards and searched here, but did not find... Thought I'd start a thread about "spotting Turbo Buick Regals" and what cars you have seen in the wild.

Please post pics of the cars you see out and about, or ones you see in yards as "art", just rotting away. Whatever you've seen, let's see it... Looking forward to hopefully seeing some great cars, seldom seen...

***Please do NOT post locations of cars on the forum***
...that would not be cool.
1987 GN. Been sitting for years outside and seldom see it on the road. Antenna is "up" and paint is looking thin, and would benefit from being IN the garage. Was a nice car a decade ago.

Doesn't that make you sick? At lest put a car cover over it...
I saw this white Gbody and went for a closer look.

Probably not the best way to store a car of any kind.

16x8 trans am wheels

leather interior

And what I would think is CC1 t tops. On a limited, pretty rare combo. I left my name and number but the car disappeared a few months later. It might surface again , who knows. It had washington state plates on it and I am in Texas so that was a RED flag to me.
saw what I believe is an 87 WE4. Has ttops and was blacked out. Had a gnx on one side of deck lid and Buick on the pass side which led me to the we4.


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Spotted two while traveling this weekend. A hot air GN in Crossville, Tn on Sat. and a '86-'87 GN in Charlotte, NC on Monday. The h/a was on the road while the iced one was in a shop yard.
Spotted this one in my driveway while trying to install the Power Logger.. ;)


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Just seen this pulling in for fuel in Los Banos. A beautiful, possibly all original/bone stock '87(unsure if it was a Limited or Regal). But by the looks of the paint, the condition of the padded roof, and its original, hazy bumper fillers, it's definitely been garaged; either most or all of its life. The U Haul truck and trailer makes we wonder if it found a new home or if it's just in the process of moving.