turbo crank ,TT chip and other parts


fast is cool !
Nov 13, 2005
hi everybody ! :smile: I have 87' OEM turbo crank for sale just back from machine shop ,20/20 -$180 , set of reconditioned rods with forged TRW pistons/rings ARP studs 0.40 over ,have about 500 miles on them -$400 , two chips for 60 lbs Mototrons , TT chip and Extender chip with 512gr/sec , eather chip $60 , brand new set of fell-pro intake gakets $20 , brand new set of cometic steel shim head gaskets for .40 over $100 , one LS1 Maf $60 and one LS6 MAF /no screen/ off 93'ZO6 $80 ,volt booster from casper $30 , GM ignition module and coil very new $100 ,I think that's it :cool: If anybody interested please contact me for more info/pictures either here or directly at evaczarny@sbcglobal.net , all parts in great condition , shipping extra , thanks !:rolleyes: