Turbo Fender Well Dump


Feb 1, 2003
I bought a second TR Limited from my son and he put a dump straight out of the turbo and cut a hole in the black plastic fender well, so the exhaust dumped right by the passenger side tire. I'd like to replace that part and wondered if it was specific to TR's or would just any Buick Regal work to get the part from....and what exactly is the part called?? Fender well??


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Thought I saw in parts someone selling a stock turbo elbow...If not just get a aftermarket downpipe.
The fenderwell was turbo specific.

The Non turbo cars have a slightly different design with raised pedestals, but they will physically interchange.
The fender he cut into, is no longer available, and hasnt been for many many years. That was a mod that was popular back in the early 90's. I've got a few pics of peoples dump pipes there.

Well, you'll have good luck trying Kirbans. I looked at Gbody site just now for some, but couldnt find any fender wells at all!

Your son cut into something that cant be replaced back to original...DOH!!

Try Kirban, or go to a local junk yard and get a inner fender from a NA regal.

Gbodyparts should have them the inner fender wells are available you just have to look for them.

Do you want to sell the old fender well & fender dump setup?
Inner Fender

Miss read your thread sorry. If you can't find one I have one if your interested.