Turbo Lou Czarnota to the rescue, AGAIN!


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Sep 24, 2010
Whelp, I've been on the struggle bus with my car for some time now.

Lou graciously agreed to take a looksee and it took him about a 1/2 hour to diagnose the issue. He got right on it, and one week later I have my car back in Phoenix, running like a scalded dog. :D

You can't go wrong with Lou, unless you won't/don't listen, he doesn't do well with that, at all. :ROFLMAO: I'm serious.

My woes/gremlins have been beaten into submission, once more!

You're the greatest!

Thank you, Lou!
Wouldn't build boost, falling on it's face and generally running like crap.

Had some serious exhaust leaks/cracked headers and some other stuff he found and repaired toot sweet.