Turbo oil drain line


Dec 7, 2012
Hi Guys,
I am trying to finish an engine I bought in pieces and specifically my questions are regarding the drain tube from the turbo to the intake manifold.
Does the drain route underneath/below the fuel injector supply line?
Do I have to have the turbo drain at the 6 o'clock position?
Is there any tricks to the install you guys can give me?
The oil drain tube runs behind the fuel rail not under it. See pic's of the turbo position. Install is a bitch. Bloody knuckles and blood rushing to your head as you contort your body upside down and backwards trying to get the bolts in.

Wastegate Actuator.jpg

OEM Garrett Turbo.jpg

Oil Drain Tube Location.jpg

Oil Drain Tube & Fuel Rail.jpg

Oil Supply Line.jpg
I noticed in your pics that your downpipe to turbo connection has large/long bolts with springs and spacers, is there a part number for those pieces? (or are they factory and not available) Thanks.
Those are OEM Bolts & Springs. Aftermarket Turbo Down Pipe Manifold Bolt & Spring Kit - M10 - 1.5 x 72mm - DORMAN 03126
There is a slight difference in the springs from OEM to Aftermarket but the aftermarket fit.

Turbo Down Pipe bolt & spring M10_1.5-72mm Dorman 03126.jpg

FYI - The up-pipe Gaskets are
Exhaust Turbo Copper Gasket SCE Gasket 4172
Pipe Flange Gasket Seal Inlet (Donut) WALKER 31511

Walker 31511 Pipe Flange Gasket Inlet up pipe.jpg
Make sure to not over torque the Up Pipe to Turbo Adapter GM part # 25513239 These OEM adapters will crack and bust.
Thank you, I appreciate all your help. The little details are what makes the resto progress smoothy. I didn't know there was a gasket for the up pipe. Can you confirm the torque on those 3 nuts are 20 ft lbs? (That is what I have on my torque spec info.) Great pics too by the way!
I think they should be 17 ft. lbs - Turbocharger Inlet Adapter to Turbocharger.

Are y'all talking about the Turbo drain Line ? 'Cuz Me think's you pictured the Turbo oil supply Line ? The Drain line is at the lower rear. For that one I did the 1 3/8 " hole saw thru the turbo brace trick per Jerryl. After the Initial B,S, & T's...... it worked out pretty good :



I'll Butt out now .......
Signed ,
' Cliff Clavin ' :LOL:
Thanks for those pics, I like the tapped oil line, if I get a leak it looks like a good plan. I wish I saw that when I had the manifold off but this engine was in pieces when I bought it and I'm not sure how everything goes back together (so far so good).