Oil pan / turbo drain


Fixer of crap..
Jan 24, 2011
A few mods to the oil pan.

1: Closed off the original drain plug that stuck up into the pan preventing the stuff in the bottom from draining out. New one has the threaded bung on the outside so it is flush with the bottom inside the pan.

2: Turbo drain tube attached copying Earl Brown's design where it is always sloping down into the pan. Original attempt was at the rear of the pan, but there wasn't room for the elbow between starter and pan. Cuss, cut, grind, weld.....and all fixed.

The baffle was added as well using a template found online.

Did it work there? Seems like the crossmember would be in the way there.

When I did mine, I played hell finding the perfect spot and I was surprised just how 'perfect' I had to make it so that I could put the motor mount bolt in, clear the oil filter housing, etc....

...and I just noticed I didn't show my pan after putting in my drain bung.

if you zoom in real close to this shot, you can see how I routed my drain. (and that fram was there to keep crap out until I put on my sammich adapter)
I haven't installed it yet. I'll be grumpier than normal if i doesn't fit.
Honestly, I'd be more likely to notch the cross member than pull the pan and move it again.
This location for the drain is a tight fit with a full size starter. It will work, but less than 1/2" of clearance. With a min-starter, there is plenty of room.
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