Oil left in pan?

Roy L.

After draining my oil, I have dropped the oil pan, and I'm amazed at how much oil is still left in the bottom of the pan. There had to be a 1/4 inch of oil left. This is because of the bung for the drain plug won't let the pan empty all the way. My question is, what's a simple mod that can be done to get the rest of the oil to drain out when doing an oil change?
Looking to see if I can (should) do anything to help drain all the oil before I put the pan back on. TIA
Maybe use your jack and stands to tilt the car toward the drain plug? If it really bothers you, you could always add another drain plug. Its just metal.
Drill a small hole through the bung. Place the inside of pan side of hole close to the bottom of the pan.

Then the inner end of the hole above where the drain plug seals on the bung.

It's not a big deal, I just thought if it was a simple modification I would do it while the pan was down. Also, you can't check that oil for metal fragments if it's still in the pan. I'm going to add a magnetic plug. obviously, I'm not going to drop the pan every oil change. I just thought it would be nice to get all the oil drained during an oil change. Seems stupid to mix old oil with fresh, but that seems to be the way it is. There really is a lot of oil left in the system when you think about it. All the oil in the oil cooler and lines plus what's still in the pan and motor. I bet over a quart is left behind.
Thank everyone for the replies. learning every day.
I broke the bung off the inside of the pan. I dressed the spot welds and tig welded it to the outside of the pan.
If you have the ability to weld (or solder). Remove the bung, grind a fat ass ''X'' on the bottom side to make four oil channels then spot weld it back to the pan.

That won't cost you any ground clearance but will still get you a full oil change.