Turbo Problem


Jul 8, 2001
I just got this message from my turbo rebuilder

"I’m actually checking prices to see if a new turbo may be in order. The scoring on the compressor housing is pretty deep, and I don’t know if it can be machined back into tolerance. I may have to get another unit entirely. I’ll be checking this week. I can reuse the brackets and such, so I’ll see.."

This all happened after an oil pump failed on me.

My question is this, if I have to replace the unit, do I go with another te45a or do I go with something different? If I go with something different, what do you all recommend? My modifications are at my website below. Thanks.

Nice job! Can't really offer any advice, as my learning curve isn't up to yours yet. But had to comment on the fine job you have been doing w/them birds! Congradulations!:biggrin:
I would go with a 6776 dual BB. You have plenty of converter for it..maybe just a hair too much. I sure love mine. Pulls like the devil!