Turbo Recomendations


May 25, 2001
Im helping a friend with his build and we are looking to go as deep into the 9's as possible with the cars combo. Ill list the spec's and let me know what you guys think will get the job done.

109 block .30 over, girdled
je forged pistions, reconditioned rods
GN1 aluminum heads
atr cam (216 or 218 mabe?)
atr headers 4 bolt flange
BGC intake
70mm tb
LT1 mass air, Translator+
precision front mount
sump intank aeromotive pump
83# injectors

we were looking at the gtq 70, mabe a 72? anything else to consider?

Thanks for any help you can give us,
The GT70Q will get you in the 9s. That is more than enough to break your engine in half. Plus from what others are saying, it spools really nicely.:)