Turbo Regal Pack from Fort Myers


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May 16, 2003
I was talking to a friend today,and he said that last night he saw a pack of about 8 Turbo Regals in Punta Gorda. 5 gns and and a few Ts. He saw the pack heading the opposite direction and pulled a Uturn to catch up to them. He followed the pack for a little bit and gave thema thumbs up. Then they all spooled up and took off. He followed themto the mall and watched at about dusk that they snaked through the parking lot with their parking lights on. He caught up with them at a light and asked where they were from and they said Fort Myers. He said there was a sweet T with a charcoal paint job with black two-tone. Anybody know these guys? I would sure like to cruise with them some time. Thanks.

We used to have a pretty good group of Turbo Regals in Ft Myers (I moved to Lauderdale area last year but MIGHT be coming back to FM) but the last few years I was there, it kind of dissolved. We had b-b-q's, raced go carts, went to Bradenton, etc. People started selling their cars, moving (like me) whatever.

I only know 2 guys in FM now. SWFLGN on here and my friend that doesn't get on this board.

Maybe someone will reply but I'll ask Mike if he knows who it might have been.

Mike checking in. I have no idea who that was. If they want to add cars to the pack, call me and I'll try to make it.