Turbo Regal Picture Thread

Here's my T :cool:


More pics here!!
turbo87regal said:
here's mine. This one started life out as a solid rust free V8 car that was lucky enough to get a complete transplant from a total rust bucket GN that could not be saved :( . What do you guys think?

Now where have I seen this car before? :confused: :wink:

Nice pics Dennis!:biggrin: :cool:
daniel said:
can someone tell me how to post a pic from my files

Sure. Pretty simple really... Click "Mange Attachments" then use the "Browse" button to find the file you want to attach then click "Upload" to attach it to your post... There is a file size limit so depending on the file type you might have to resize it so that you can post it.. If done right you should see something like this~

HTH :cool:


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daniel said:
86brick, i just sent you an email pic of my car if you could post it for me. thanks, daniel

Here ya go daniel.... Had to change the file type to JPG..


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86brick, thank you for the post. the car is dirty in the pic i wihed i would have washed it. but thanks again.
No problem, Thanks for sharing :cool:

Disco Stu, engine pics are certainly welcome in this thread especially 9 sec. 109s :biggrin:
One of the baddest White-T's out there!!!!!!!!!

I got some nice pics of my T when I can figure out how to make them smaller
Nice clean motor.. girdled, 30 over J&E's, St. Ported Irons with matching Intake. CAS V2 3" pipes, Te-45-A, Century Trans with 3400 911 LU, Siemen 72"s on Racetronix Inj Harness with Double Pumper, 70 upper with matching Doghouse. arizonagn radiator. RJC Deep pan plus alot more. car went 11:00 @ 23 lbs @ 124 MPH. Car is capable of mis 10's no problem. Weight is 3250.


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