Turbo Regal Picture Thread


It's just a V6 Brick.....
The first one started by ttypewe4jim was pretty successful so I thought we'd try this again and maybe make it a monthly thing... I didn't do it for December because I know that is a busy month with the holidays and all, but now that we our starting a new year figured this would be a good time to try this again.. So let's see those pics of your TR and then at the end of this month a car will be randomly picked to be featured at the top of this forum as Black Box's car was :cool:

To get this started here's my Brick:
My little girl..........

She's an 87 GN with minor mods, last and only dino produced 347HP & 500lbs, I've had her 5 years this February.

Here's my baby again. I hope this link works.

It works ;) Resized it for ya :cool:


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Here's my 87 T "Ex C.N. STATE TROOPER"

This is not the orig. color, as it was all black w/ blackout package too. Still had the wiring in it when I got it. Its color now is Luxo Blue and I love it. Mabey 10s this year with heads and more mods :D .


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here's mine. This one started life out as a solid rust free V8 car that was lucky enough to get a complete transplant from a total rust bucket GN that could not be saved :( . What do you guys think?


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