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I'm having a hard time removing the turbo and the oil line. I removed two bolts on each side are there any others. Does any one have a layout, or diagram? Thanks.:confused:
There are Two Nuts that hold the Turbo To the TB...Two nuts that hold the turbo to the Turbo Mounting bracket...and I think that there is one more nut that is just below the back/lower TB bolt that you need to remove.

As for Just lifting the turbo off I have never been able to do that. I have always used a little pry-bar..laid it on the intake..that put it under the turbo then pushed down, and this made the Turbo pop up out of the intake...and the oil return line came with it!

You didn't have to remove the oil line? The fitting is really hard to remove, where is that 5th bolt at? I wanted to remove it to have the turbo checked out but its getting pretty ugly here. Thanks for the help.
The 5th nut should be on the driver side of the turbo..13MM..and is somewhat near to the lower bolt of where the TB/Turbo bolt is that you removed.....What oil like are you talking about?

The old FEED line is the one that is on the top, and that I just used a reg line wrench on...the oil RETURN line just lays in a grommit in the intake, and that does not need to be removed for the turbo to come out.
oil line

Its the one on top, do you know what size it is metric or SAE? Any clues to a turbo going bad?
Thanks Slow!

Thanks Mr. Slow. Looks like I have all the bolts off, I just need to get it to pop out. Do you have dias on the oil line that show a part number? Thanks again.
Glad to Help

Looked can't find a part #
Poston's carries them $23.95: Turbo oil feed line, specify for an 85.
Prolly Dave at S & S has them or M & M. Don't know if they are still available from the dealer.

Number from car parts:
Oil Supply Line, (w/Oil Cooled); T-Type Listing
• Usually in stock and available to ship within 2 business days / note: stock is low.
BORG WARNER 28754 $10.88 Each
prolly have to gently pry to get off---have the o-rings in the adapter and the oil return line stuck in the grommet.
turbo line removal

Can't get the damm oil line off from the top of the turbo. How much of a pain in the butt is it to install a new one. Time where does it go to bellow and how many thing do you have to remove to get to it. Thanks.:rolleyes:
Hey GN5 - I just got rid of mine - it was all caked with oil inside it...prev owner didnt care for her too good.

After my rebuild I just used brake line / tranny line....buy a straight length...estimate how long it needs to be - and bend it yourself - its already pre-flared when you buy it. Very easy to do...and cost effective. It comes with the connecting nuts on the line already. The new one fits great....I made mine with less bends and curves in it to allow for a lil better flow route for the oil.

It hooks up to a port on the bottom passenger side of the engine - under the head....follow the wires down to the oil pressure switch - that's where it hooks up.

Hope that helps ya !