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Jan 18, 2011
Borg Warner s300sxe 6968-------SOLD
360 degree thrust bearing
Forged Milled
Extended tip billet 7 blade compressor wheel
.63 Buick exhaust housing
High flow inconel turbine cupped fins for big flow
anti-surge 4" comp cover slotted
intergrated speed sensor port
Rated for cars 600-1050 hp

Turbonetics 6465.
64 mm HPC billet comp wheel.. Ball bearing
65 mm F1 turbine
.63 a/r
4"anti-surge cover
Power rating 875-900 hp


Old School TE45a GT-Q
cast 66 mm comp wheel
Race 68 mm turbine GT
.63 Pte a/r with polished cover
Power rating 850-875 hp
needs 3500 stall converter to spool quick

Stock Garrett turbo sold
.63 Garrett housing
power rating 360 hp
low milage
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I ran my best ET (10.33) with a Turbonetics 6465 , nice turbo . GLWS
I ran my best ET (10.33) with a Turbonetics 6465 , nice turbo . GLWS
Thanks, its a great turbo it was on my Gn that i sold last year i pulled it off and sold it with a Te-60 instead since the car wasnt going to be pushed hard anymore.