Turbo Selection

86 TR

Work In Progress
Mar 9, 2007
Im building another engine this winter and would like some input on what turbocharger to go with. The engine is going to have a roller cam, ported iron heads, intake and girdled bottom end with a steel crank and forged rods. I would like a mid 10-second car. Currently I have a TE60 with a PTE Stock Loc. I/C. It has pushed my car to low 11's.

Im thinkin about getting a ball bearing turbo but don't really know which one to go with. :confused: Right now I have the orange stripe converter, but I will be upgrading to the precision 9.5 lockup around 3200 stall. What turbo will give great spoolup and street manners and be a monster on the track with the boost turned up?? And will I have enough stall with a bigger turbo once I buy a different converter?? And it must fit with my PTE intercooler.

Id go for the 6776BB with the biggest compressor cover you can easily fit. There is a thread about PTE's covers and their adaptability to stock location PTE intercoolers.