Turbo TA w/ 6262


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May 16, 2008
Everything went well today. I thought there were going to be issues with the 6262 turbo install on a STOCK setup.

I am using a stock ported elbow and stock DP w/ the 6262 turbo by PTE.
Also, using a Hallman Boost Controller and a HD act. I could not port the exhaust housing because of the stock puck. Jack ported the inside of the ex. housing however.

I set the fuel pressure at 48lbs to be safe. The boost was on the lowest setting of 18lbs. Well, I mashed it... Watched the 02's... everything sounded excellent. 02's came in at upper 860's at 18lbs on 93 Octane!

The Turbo feels SWEET! Does not spool as fast as the stocker but is acceptable like Louie L. pointed out. The boost felt really really good well it came on. The boost needle rose SMOOTHLY, when it hit 18lbs. it stopped exactly on the 18lb. line and did not move till I let out. I mean exactly at 18! I only went up to 85 mph but seen NO boost creep.

I am very excited that everything worked out well. I have been throwing a lot of parts at it recently:eek: . Little nervous after reading about boost control issues, spike during boost and over boosting w/ the 6262 and 6265. ESPECIALLY, since I was using the stock elbow,puck,DP... I was 100% sure I was going to have a few issues with my setup. No issues and it has never ran so smooth and efficient.:smile:

I want to thank everyone for all there help. Have a Great Night!:biggrin:
Good Morning...

I took her out this morning. Just watched for knock this time. Zero at 18lbs. The boost feels so much smoother than stock. The boost needle moves up like the mph needle... smooth without any spikes and stays exactly on the 18# line of the factory boost gauge in my TTA. Needle did not move a thousandth up or down till I let off .lol

I know decreasing the back pressure is ideal for turbo cars but... I feel like I have more control over the boost than my last bone stock setup. This setup I ran a longer rather than shorter hose from the compressor to the boost controller which is not ideal. Used the stock elbow, stock puck and stock dp:eek: ... and she runs SUPER with probably a little more back pressure from the bigger turbo. Predictable and I can not mention the word "smooth" enough.:rolleyes:

Maybe smaller turbo's with too low of back pressure (bigger dp) spin too fast causing less control and predictability with the boost?? Maybe a longer line from the compressor to the boost controller helps control and bring the boost up smoother?? I know someone will prove me wrong but is my theory, kind a sort of.:tongue:

I will make better posts once I pass the 85mph mark. Very interested to see what happens after that. Just excited it works excellent.

I am very sorry I missed this thread earlier.
Please update us with all the juicy details.
I am running out of excuses to install my unit.

I am very sorry I missed this thread earlier.
Please update us with all the juicy details.
I am running out of excuses to install my unit.

haha... no problem John. Turbo is quiet compared to the stocker in my opinion. I am still using the stock converter for a couple weeks. Spools slower than stock obviously till it hit the 3000 rpm range then she comes alive. I haven't tested this turbo from 85-125mph, yet. So, I do not want to make any misleading posts but his boost feels AWESOME!

I couldn't run over 16.5#'s with the stock turbo on 93 octane with my current IC. I'll bet I can run 19 lbs with this handsome piece. As posted above at 18#'s my 02's were between 860-870. Rich, Fat and Happy! Alky is next:tongue:
You want the boost to come in as fast as possible and stop at the set point. To do this you use the shortest smallest id hose you can with a ceramic ball style controller like RJC sells. This will ensure the diaphragm isnt seeing pressure to soon and bleeding off exhaust energy. If you have creep problems the hole will need to be opened. Your way to rich to max any where near peak power. I picked up 38hp to the wheels a couple years back leaning from 10.3 to 11.1 on a 500hp setup.

No, I have not. Waiting patiently... The track is over an hour away and I haven't had time due to work. Times coming.