Turbo Tech in Memphis?


Nov 9, 2007
Anyone know of a quality tech for our cars in the Memphis Tn area? Need some work done and no one to turn to! Plenty of guys willing to take the work but no one with any GN or TTA experience!
My TTA is having an issue at WOT. Bad miss @ 3400 RPM and about 17lbs of boost. Have replaced, plugs, wires, coil pack. Tried new cam sensor, map sensor, tps. Believe the problem is fuel related but not sure. If so I want to change the pump and install hot wire. Also have an 85 GN with a 87 donor car with ecm, harness, intake, exhaust, ac compressor, etc. to change it over. Have new turbo, ic, injectors, chip and usual upgrades. Would like to have an experienced tech do all the work.
No expert tech here (obviously) but "stretched" timing chain does not sound right to me. I've heard of timing belts stretching but not chains. I think the problem is fuel pressure on mine. I took it down the road with a guage taped to the windshield. Seemed to have plenty of f.p. but did not know that we should have 1 additional p.s.i. of fuel pres. for each lb. of boost. Since I'm getting 18lbs of boost, I should have upwards of 73+ lbs. of fuel pres. Going to install a new pump and hot wire kit, just putting off taking the rear axle down to do it. (stupid design)! Please let me know if you come up with anything else on yours. Don't really want to do the fuel pump if not necessary.