Turbo-to-intake-adapter question...


Nice Monte...
When I install my new turbo this weekend, I need to know what type of sealant to put on the adapter. (ie - oil, RTV, anti-seize...whatever?)

Please help me out...Thanks
If your talking about the short adaptor that goes between the turbo and the intake. It takes two rubber O rings. Sealant may cause a problem. I would use something to help lube the rings but, not make them hard. I used a little petrolem jelly on mine to help them slide in without twisting or spliting. Just my thoughts.
the first time I did the turbo i used anti seize and it worked OK i guess. but the second time i didnt use anything and it went together fine. The way I found to work easiest is to seperate the adapter from the turbo and smack the adapter in the intake by itself, then put line up the oil drain return and smack down the turbo....much easier said then done...prepare yourself for a huge headache:rolleyes:
its not 2 bad of a task
maybe cuz ive had my turbo off more times then i can count, ;)

you really dont need any sealant if your rubber rings are in good condition.

im sure u can get rubber rings at the hardware store if they are in bad condition.

what i did was, use some white grease and put it on the rubber rings, use a block of wood and a hammer, and hit the adapter into the intake.

i would say put some grease on the oil tube and grommet as well.

last thing u want is for you to put it back together and find out 1 of the rubber rings came offf and your car has a leak

:eek: :eek: